Wild Northern Landscapes

The cliffs of the Torngat Mountains National Park look like our planet’s first landscapes.  And some are.  Geologists have dated rocks found in the Torngat Mountains to over 3.9 billion years old.  Yes, we said billion.  The Saglek and Nachvak Fjords offer cruise passengers an opportunity to experience this ancient and unspoiled wilderness for themselves. Stretching many miles inland from the Labrador Sea, these Torngat fjords are majestic and awe-inspiring and have everything you may hope for: snow-covered peaks rising out of the deep blue water, thousand foot glaciers that feed waterfalls, herds of caribou, minke whales, and floating pieces of turquoise ice that have drifted in from the ice choked Labrador Sea.  And at the right time of year, this is the setting under which you’ll watch the Northern Lights shine.  This is nature in widescreen, and only the luckiest get a private showing.

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