View from Cabot Tower, St. John’s

St. John’s

One of North America’s oldest cities, St. John’s has been captured by the French, the English, and the Dutch.  But there’s no need to fight over us!  As the cultural and economic centre of our province, the Port City of St. John’s has something for everyone.  As you wander the Victorian streets, you’ll find plenty of heritage shops, boutiques, art galleries, bistros, and pubs.  Ask a passer-by for a recommendation – we’re known for our friendly disposition!  If nature is your thing, drop in on some puffins on a boat tour of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, the largest Atlantic Puffin sanctuary in North America.  More of a history buff?  Go underground, literally, and walk among 550 million-year-old rock at the Johnson Geo Centre or watch re-enactments of colonial military exercises at Signal Hill National Historic Site.  It is also from Signal Hill that Parks Canada fires its farewell musket salute as cruise ships leave our harbour – we like our visitors to go out with a bang.

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