Top Attractions

Land of Spirits - From the Inuktitut word Torngait meaning “place of spirits”, the Torngat Mountains have been home to Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years.  Experience this sacred and beautiful land for yourself and see the archaeological evidence of an ancient presence, including tent rings, stone caribou fences, and burials grounds.  A little further south, you’ll […]
Exceptional Wildlife Sightings - Labrador is a land teeming with wildlife.  In Rigolet, for example, as you walk the second longest boardwalk in the world, keep your eye out for whales along the coastline.  In Postville, the rugged mountains, fast-flowing rivers, and abundant forests are home to black bears, foxes, wolves, caribou, and even moose. It is also said […]
Moravian Missions - In the 1700’s, Moravian Missionaries brought education and religion to the people of the wild, unknown lands of Labrador.  It is said that the first attempt was made to establish a Moravian Mission in Makkovik, a community located on the north coast of Labrador.  If you’re lucky enough to visit this magical place, don’t miss […]
Inuit Traditions - In the Labrador Inuit Territory of Nunatsiavut, most residents are Aboriginals whose ancestors hunted and fished there for thousands of years, following the caribou herds.  In Rigolet, the southern most Inuit community in the world, a long and prosperous history of fur trapping and fishing abounds.  Learn the unique tradition of weaving crafts made from […]
Wild Northern Landscapes - The cliffs of the Torngat Mountains National Park look like our planet’s first landscapes.  And some are.  Geologists have dated rocks found in the Torngat Mountains to over 3.9 billion years old.  Yes, we said billion.  The Saglek and Nachvak Fjords offer cruise passengers an opportunity to experience this ancient and unspoiled wilderness for themselves. […]
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