Happy Valley Goose Bay

Located in Central Labrador, Happy Valley – Goose Bay is a vibrant community with the largest Indigenous population in Newfoundland & Labrador. With a diverse culture of Innu, Inuit, and Settlers, there is a lot of pride of the strong hunting, fishing and trapping heritage. Rich in natural resources and a strong connection to the environment, Goose Bay is surrounded by the beauty of the Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve, the Churchill River and Lake Melville. Home of the largest military air base in Northeastern North America, CFB Goose Bay The Labrador Military Museum allows visitors to travel back in time to 1941 and check out the importance of CFB Goose Bay in history. Visit a Moravian Church to find out more about Moravian Missionaries who travelled from Europe to North American and established congregations in Goose Bay. Natural and cultural attractions including Birch Island Conversation Area, Them Days Archives & Publications as well as Komatik Tours are a must for any agenda when visiting this gateway to the north.

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