Land of Spirits

From the Inuktitut word Torngait meaning “place of spirits”, the Torngat Mountains have been home to Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years.  Experience this sacred and beautiful land for yourself and see the archaeological evidence of an ancient presence, including tent rings, stone caribou fences, and burials grounds.  A little further south, you’ll find Cape Mugford, the site of ancient camps of the early pre-Dorset people, occupiers of this barren landscape between approximately 4000 and 3400 B.P. Cape Mugford is also home to unique volcanic rock formations, one of the two sources along the coast of Labrador of the stone, Ramah Chert – used over 7000 years by the Paleo-Eskimo peoples and the Maritime Artic Indians.  An Aboriginal spirit lives within the North – and the modern-day Inuit keep this spirit alive through story, song, tradition and craft.

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