Go Wild

Exceptional Wildlife Sightings - Labrador is a land teeming with wildlife.  In Rigolet, for example, as you walk the second longest boardwalk in the world, keep your eye out for whales along the coastline.  In Postville, the rugged mountains, fast-flowing rivers, and abundant forests are home to black bears, foxes, wolves, caribou, and even moose. It is also said […]
Saint-Pierre by Zodiac - Would you like to go whale watching in France? It’s closer than you think – on your next cruise to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. Board a zodiac to discover the richness of our Archipelago at sea. There are beautiful, rugged cliffs and coves, marine mammals, and an exceptional bird colony nesting on the “Grand Colombier”, all complemented by […]
Abundant Wildlife - Home to 239 species of birds, along with moose, woodland caribou, and arctic hares, Gros Morne National Park on the western coast of Newfoundland is a nature lover’s dream. If tour cruise takes you to the eastern coast, a visit to Terra Nova National Park is a must. In 1957, it became the first National […]
Unparalleled Whale Watching - Newfoundland and Labrador has the longest whale watching season in North America and St. Anthony offers a front row view. Northern Newfoundland is one of the richest whale watching areas in the province due to the immense feeding grounds which surround our area. Don’t miss the spectacular array of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and other […]
A Nursery for Puffins - A short drive from St. John’s, prepare to be thrilled on a boat tour to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, the largest Atlantic Puffin sanctuary in the Western Atlantic. About 95% of North American puffins breed off the Newfoundland and Labrador coasts. They are exceptional swimmers, but awkward in flight, so they are a real […]
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