Channel-Port aux Basques

Find Your Edge

What’s our edge?

It’s Northern Lights shining over Labrador 240 days a year.

The oldest commercial street in North America.

Rocks that are 20 times older than the Rockies.

The only known Viking settlement in North America.

A charming territory of France and a little piece of Europe just 10 kilometres from Canada.

Geological sites dating back billions of years.

Distinct place names like Heart’s Content, Ha Ha Bay, and Comfort Cove.

A unique time zone, Newfoundland Time, 1.5 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

Being considered one of the world’s four corners by the Flat Earth Society.

Vodka and rum made from 10,000 year old icebergs.

Our own encyclopedia and dictionary.

Over 29,000km of coastline – from sandy beaches to earth-shattering cliffs.

That’s our edge.  What’s yours?

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