Explorers and Colonists

Military enthusiasts will feel truly at home cruising the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. At Castle Hill National Historic Site in Placentia, 17th-century fortification remains are all that’s left of the once-robust French presence in the region. While there, visit closeby Ship Harbour where a monument stands commemorating the drafting of the Atlantic Charter in 1941 by Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt on a warship off Ship Harbour Point. Or visit Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site in Brigus, the home of explorer Captain Bob Bartlett, the most famous Arctic Explorer of all time. He not only brought Admiral Peary to the North Pole, he brought the North to the world. In St. John’s at Signal Hill National Historic Site, watch re-enactments of colonial military exercises, visit the Queens Battery fortifications that date from the Napoleonic Wars, or stand in the place where the first transatlantic wireless signal was received by Marconi in 1901. It is from Signal Hill that Parks Canada fires its farewell musket salute as cruise ships leave the harbour. Talk about going out with a bang.

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