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The cliffs of the Torngat Mountains National Park look like our planet’s first landscapes.  And some are.  Geologists have dated rocks found in the Torngat Mountains to over 3.9 billion years old.  Yes, we said billion.  The Saglek and Nachvak Fjords offer cruise passengers an opportunity to experience this ancient and unspoiled wilderness for themselves. […]

If it’s scenery you seek, you’ll find it in Gros Morne National Park. With fjords, mountains, waterfalls, trails, sea stacks and beaches, this is a life-changing experience and a must-see excursion our province’s west coast. Make sure you bring your camera – you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural wonders. If your cruise stops in St. […]

This extensive trail network is accessible from dockside and winds throughout the city. Most of the trail is flat and ideal for strolling while some sections are more rugged and challenging. During autumn, the trail is the perfect way to take in the brilliant fall foliage. The trail has numerous entrances throughout the city which […]

The Humber River which spills into the Bay of Islands at Corner Brook is a world-class salmon river and is the ultimate venue for soft adventure. The river’s gentle rapids are ideal for rafting or kayaking. From the river’s edge, challenge yourself to spot the Man in the Mountain said to be keeping guard over […]

Legendary explorer Captain James Cook was the first to explore and chart the Bay of Islands in 1767. The scenic drive from Corner Brook along the South shore of the Bay of Islands is known as the Captain Cook Trail. Enjoy the rugged landscape as you travel through the many villages that dot the south […]

On your cruise to Corner Brook, be sure to visit Gros Morne National Park. Stretching out over 1800 km² (697 square miles), it is truly a wonder of geology. The rare geological features, which tell the story of the ancient earth transforming millions of years ago, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boasting ancient fjords, […]

Big city got you feeling rushed? Make the moments last at Fishing Point Park in St. Anthony. Enjoy the mystical rugged ocean coastline and vast wilderness of pristine valleys and lake-dotted mountains. Incredible scenery and solitude are found throughout our wide collection of hiking trails. There are trails which travel far into the wilderness and […]

The northern peninsula of Newfoundland has the longest iceberg season on the island. And with a high average ice volume, tours offered in St. Anthony make it one of the most accessible regions for iceberg viewing. Starting in late spring, and often lasting until late-summer, massive icebergs are common sightings along our coast – which […]

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